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Utah firefighters finish hanging Christmas lights for woman who fell off ladder

“We all of kind of came together and said, ‘this is the right thing to do,’” said South Jordan Firefighter Austin Rekoutis

By Sarah Roebuck

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — Several Utah firefighters are receiving recognition for their gesture of goodwill during the holiday season.

A woman fell from her ladder as she was hanging Christmas lights outside her house in South Jordan, KSL reported. After she was transported to the hospital, South Jordan Firefighter Austin Rekoutis and his team noticed her Christmas lights still needed to be put up.

“We all of kind of came together and said, ‘hey, this is the right thing to do.’ The crew was on board with it,” Rekoutis told KSL. “We quickly threw the ladder up and finished the Christmas lights for her.”

Several neighbors noticed the firefighters’ act of kindness and documented the gesture. One photo that was posted on a neighborhood Facebook page, showcasing firefighters on the roof of the house installing Christmas lights, gained significant popularity.

Deputy Fire Chief Ryan Lessner said South Jordan firefighters are always encouraged to go the extra mile whenever they can.

“That is kind of our mantra is do good things. And it is something we empower our staff to really find ways to do good work out with our citizens,” Lessner told KSL.

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