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Live-Fire Training

FireRescue1’s live-fire training resource page shares critical information for setting up safe and realistic live-fire drills and even how to supplement live-fire training through virtual reality or simulator training when departments are unable to engage in this form of hands-on training. Learn from Near-Miss reports from live-fire training events, and listen to podcasts the detail how to work with live fire.

Officials are proposing the creation of a special joint task force to consider legislative and other changes in response to the deadly fire at Port Newark
The Fayette County Firefighter Training Center offers a wide range of lessons for firefighters
Five Troy firefighters were sent to the hospital after being burned during training
Shamokin councilmembers suspended fire chief and Northumberland County Director of Public Safety Steve Jeffery after a 17-year-old FF was burned
“We’re only limited by the imagination of the firefighters and training officers of the future” Sioux City Fire Rescue Captain Richard Andersen said
Detailing live-fire training options and requirements, from medical monitoring to decon to water supply and beyond
Tips for enhancing your live-fire training, focusing on factors like ALS transport, hoseline deployment, gpms, interior and exterior safety officers, and more
Focus on defined instructor requirements, limited exposure time and EMS availability
“It’s not only a burn building, but it also has a lot of props on it so we can train,” said Harlingen Fire Chief Rafael Balderas
State Sen. Carolyn Comitta said the legislation should help with recruiting and staffing
The Long Beach Fire Department said the class was going through live fire training and the blast happened in the structure’s basement as operations began
The Evansville Fire Department Training Division suddenly found itself with two high-rise buildings at its disposal for countless training evolutions
It’s time instructors and firefighters alike reassess their focus on recklessness vs. aggressiveness and fear vs. respect
Texas Firefighter Josh Bardwell details his time working with the Africa Fire Mission in Kenya and how the experience changed his world view
Ignoring PASS alarms highlights need to better manage false activations and maintain situational awareness