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James McCaffrey portrayed firefighter and 9/11 victim Jimmy Keefe, haunting Dennis Leary’s Tommy Gavin
The 1-ton, 17-foot long sleigh referred to as the Kringle 3000 sits on display at the Halesite Fire Department all year long
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Several firefighters starring in Pete Davidson’s film “The King of Staten Island” had worked with Davidson’s father, Firefighter Scott Davidson, who was killed on 9/11
Lt. Michael Davidson was killed on March 23, 2018, after he was overcome by toxic smoke in the basement of a building being used as a film set
Books and movies to help fire service personnel broaden their knowledge base and stay entertained
“Six Locked Doors: The Legacy of Cocoanut Grove,” features interviews with survivors in their 90s, many of whom never before talked publicly
“That they prevail as a firefighting unit is never really in doubt, but the film is more about how each of them prevails as a person”
Nearly 20 years after the original became a classic, the sequel to Backdraft is finally happening
The sequel is tentatively titled “Backdraft II” and is set to begin filming in Romania and Toronto next month
The upcoming film, which premieres October 20, focuses on the firefighters tasked with battling the Yarnell Hill fire
The director of ‘Granite Mountain’ said the film will not focus on how the firefighters died, but on ‘true heroism’
Josh Brolin and Miles Teller are set to star in the reality-based film about 19 Granite Mountain Hotshot firefighters who died
There are a lot of things TV shows and movies do right, but also terribly wrong; here are some of the best responses
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