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Paramedics and Street Overdose Response Team members restocked the bystander’s naloxone supply and offered treatment services to the survivors
“We have no idea where anything was inside or what may have been in there,” Portland Fire Chief David McIntyre
“It is another tool in our bag,” said Richmond Fire Chief Sam Kirby
A patient allegedly rushed at Evansville firefighters arriving on scene, stabbing one in the face before being wrestled to the ground
Glastonbury Fire Chief Michael Thurz said the firefighter’s off-duty comment “blemished the organization”
The video shows an off-duty Glastonbury firefighter saying Narcan should not be used and “when people overdose, you let them die”
Officials said the man pointed the gun at the firefighters who had just given him Narcan
The Leave It Behind program aims to reduce overdose deaths by giving patients access to naloxone at home
The firefighter was handcuffed after yelling at troopers for breaking a car window to treat a possible OD patient, refusing the leave the scene and pushing a trooper
Firefighters will be carrying two doses of naloxone after the department administered the drug on 223 calls in one year
The Dixon Fire Department partnered with the Safe Passage Initiative to prevent overdoses in the event a patient refuses treatment
The Santa Fe County’s new harm-reduction unit aims to provide access to treatment, education and the necessary drugs before they become a statistic
Luis Garcia has visited five states over 22 months, offered 106 two-hour classes and donated 2,800 Narcan sprays to attendees and saved 122 lives
More than 60,000 kits of the drug that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose will be available for two years with $5 million in state funding
Attorney General Tom Miller said the deal makes public agencies eligible for a $6-per-dose rebate on naloxone purchases