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Trainer T3 offers new immersive features with real-life equipment and physics-based object motion
Fire dynamic simulations and firefighter interviews create lessons and recommendations from a Cobb County fire in which four firefighters were burned
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The Fire Protection Publication’s Redbook line was created to meet the training needs of volunteer and career firefighters and fire personnel from entry level to leadership
Download this FireRescue1 online training systems buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
Organizations and citizens have a “shared responsibility” to defend their data, computer hardware and software systems from ransomware attacks
INTERSCHUTZ USA will bring the world’s best in fire and EMS training, equipment and technology to Philadelphia in October 2021
The statistics on sexual harassment and assault in the fire service are alarming and demand we do more than just annual online training
Investing, in your mind, health or a hobby, can compound the benefit of a bonus on you, your family and others
With the widespread use of online technologies for departmental meetings and training, leaders must consider continuous improvement opportunities
Higher education can serve as a springboard to new fire service opportunities while complementing hands-on training
Detailing the complementary nature of immersive learning with more traditional training in an academy setting
This episode of the Smart Firefighting podcast tackles fire service risks, culture and policy impacts
With the shift indoors, many fire departments are reconsidering their balance between practical and online training
How to leverage online learning technology to manage fire department policy and standards compliance
Maintaining skill sets through regular training is more important than ever, even if it is through online platforms
California’s Cosumnes Fire Department shares its experience incorporating virtual reality into recruit training
Schuylkill County fire recruits’ latest training focuses on fire behavior and equipment, all through an online platform purchased with CARES Act funding
Chief Goldfeder explains how to vet online trainers and how to get fire service leaders at your department to buy-in to the online training phenomenon.
To be competent in the profession is a skill; compliance will always be a choice
Spotlighting the various types of educational tools to emerge during a new era of fire service training
This downloadable eBook reviews the training and tactics associated with each of these dynamic fireground scenes, underscoring firefighter safety, the role of command, and the tools needed to get the job done
Survey reveals one-third of departments don’t train on EV fires, half don’t have SOGs for them
Key areas offer signs that change is afoot, while other areas remain restricted
Lt. Kaci Corrigan tackles the issue of officer micromanagement and how to trust your crew will get the job done
As mass violence incidents grow in scale and frequency, firefighters face difficult questions related to protection efforts