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Now that you’ve developed the initial groundwork, these next steps are key to finding success
“I don’t want to just throw fire engines at EMS problems. I want to throw fire engines at fire problems,” said Medford Fire Chief Thompson
Departments can play a large role in supporting the health and safety of underserved residents
Your agency should have a policy covering communication with Deaf and hard-of-hearing people; are you familiar with it?
This year’s survey touches on topics such as lights and sirens usage and treatment-in-place adoption, as well as recruitment and retention initiatives
A new Las Cruces, New Mexico, program aims to better serve community members experiencing mental health emergencies
A Colorado Springs officer and a paramedic held Kevin Dizmang on the ground after they saw him walking in the middle of a street, speaking unintelligibly
When Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field in cardiac arrest, he received out-of-hospital BLS and ALS care from team personnel and EMS before transport to the hospital
The aftermath of a serious incident can be the critical moment to expand our life safety messaging and connect with the public
6 helpful tips from the Seminole County (Fla.) Fire Department
CPs should have extensive prehospital experience and a strong network of peers in related disciplines
It is in our healthcare system gaps in coverage where the community paramedic lives and can show their worth
As two Walla Walla paramedics continue to serve the initiative in its second year, the fire department and hospital say they have seen cost savings
It’s a complex issue that involves firefighters’ expectations of the job, our broken healthcare system, and so much more
Dayton Fire Department officials say the city’s partnership with Premier Health is achieving its goal, but it is only funded through year’s end
A paramedic and a social worker will join the Richmond Fire Department
Lexington’s team has added staffers and expanded to include rapid responses to overdose deaths
Gresham firefighter Nick Haney helped administer CPR to Meghan Roth, whom he’d met through a mutual friend
Under the new program, engines, trucks and ambulances will no longer be sent to low-risk medical calls in downtown Portland and outer Southeast Portland
Under the new law, police will no longer be the primary responders to welfare checks or psychiatric calls unless a crime has been committed
As part of the Community Assistance Response program, paramedics and mental health professionals, rather than police, are at the forefront of non-violent crisis calls
“They didn’t want to give me a ride home,” Desai Billingsley can be heard saying in the video
Researchers aim to measure the value of virtual reality for providers as they work to identify signs of severe illness and infants and children
Palm Beach County Fire and Rescue Firefighter Joseph Deltergo, 45, was a 16-year veteran of the department
Fairfield’s Ryan Hughes, 33, collapsed during a structure fire call last week
EMS must change tactics, mindset to best meet patients’ needs – and that includes patient transport beyond the ER
Fire and EMS professionals must go beyond the “how” to understand the “why” of every technique and tool in our arsenal
Hanover Fire Captain Fred Freeman earned the award for his work in establishing the department’s MIH program and using it to expand access to COVID-19 testing