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Smoke Explosion

We MUST check the status of smoke alarms at vacation properties, sleepovers, hotels … anywhere and everywhere our kids stay
Baltimore County Fire Department crews extinguished the fire that officials say may have contained hazardous materials
With black, turbulent smoke chugging around them, crews assist a firefighter going head first out a broken window
Louisiana-based U.S. Fire Pumps dug a trench around the facility and installed absorbent booms along the river to prevent residual material from escaping into the village’s source of drinking water
Freeport fire officials said they believe a “smoke explosion” occurred in the ceiling area of the fire that damaged or destroyed several businesses
Firefighters must plan the tactical needs for all high-hazard environments in their response area
Seeing the signs and signals of environmental change is like recognizing the signs and symptoms of a stroke or heart attack
Video shows moment of blast that injured 11 LAFD firefighters battling a one-story commercial building fire near downtown’s Skid Row
The firefighter sustained second-degree burns to his hands after being thrown back by the unexpected blast