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Vehicle Safety

Mundelein firefighters said the fire is most likely caused by the SUV’s catalytic converter and exhaust system igniting the leaves under it
Maximizing the power of response vehicles
The 3-year-old son of an off-duty firefighter was struck by another firefighter prior to a walk for three fallen Wilmington firefighters
The Sacramento Fire Department Accident Review Board found that in one crash a spotter was not used while backing up
Jimmie Wilson said he confronted the firefighters about them not seeing him as they were backing up the fire engine
Saltwater can trigger spontaneous combustion of lithium-ion batteries in electric cars, scooters and some golf carts
Two firefighters were bringing a donated fire engine to Lumber City when a tire blew, causing it to overturn
The LeRoy Fire Department had tried to sell the engine for a year but realized it held more value as a blocker on the interstate
Every chief should support the FREE training offering through the Emergency Responder Safety Institute
The Bramwell Volunteer Fire Department father and son were looking at a previous accident scene when the ATV began to roll towards them
Five firefighters were sent to area hospitals after their fire engine was struck and overturned
Harrisonburg Fire Department shares how close they came to a LODD to help prevent something like it happening again
Kansas City Fire Chief Ross Grundyson issued a directive in February to eliminate confusion about NFPA standard, FD guidelines after fatal crash in 2021
After blowing a tire the newly purchased ladder truck overturned on its way to its new home
Orlando will begin testing two driverless buses that will run daily on traditional bus routes