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SOGs and SOPs

Standard operating guidelines (SOGs) and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are essential components of fire department training and operations. They spell out the do’s and don’ts for fire department personnel, sometimes as strict requirements and other times as recommended best practices.

Carroll County Fire & EMS had file cabinets with outdated information before they began using software from Lexipol
Detailing alarm causes, actions to mitigate the incident and fire protection post-incident
Overcoming complexities and learning how firefighters can impact PPE requirements
Kansas City Fire Chief Ross Grundyson issued a directive in February to eliminate confusion about NFPA standard, FD guidelines after fatal crash in 2021
A Long Beach Fire Department (Calif.) fire captain was killed and another firefighter and civilian were injured in a shooting
Are you exposing yourself, your crew and even your family to carcinogens by the way you remove your firefighter gear?
Not all firefighter injuries will be prevented; planning for the inevitable is key to dealing with a firefighter on-duty injury
The directive for the new SOP came from the city manager as a result of eight captains who were demoted to firefighters in July
After the Milwaukee Fire Department rescued a woman from a fire, family members called to ask where her grandson was; firefighters returned to the house and found the body upstairs
The three departments will be working as a team to control traffic while responding to turnpike accidents
Before managing your first incident, be sure to have a firm grasp on these critical questions
The news from West, Texas reaffirms that firefighters make mistakes like everybody else, and that we need to discuss these issues to reduce those mistakes
Two firefighters had alcohol levels above the legal limit to drive, one had trace amounts of marijuana — none of which affected the outcome
Washington D.C.'s No One Goes Home program is a template any department can use to get SOG buy in from officers and firefighters
Sensitivity, common sense and following policy need to come into play when capturing and releasing fireground video
It may seem obvious that it is unprofessional, possibly criminal, to post images from the scene on social media, yet it happens
Two case studies highlight why flexible, clear SOGs are the best way for first-due companies initiate action
There may not be an easy answer to the cat-rescue question, but it needs to be a well-examined policy before ladder touches tree
Striking the right balance of policy and freedom to decide makes for a better-running fire department
Fire chief has spoken with other agencies about their transportation policies, but none would have altered the outcome of Sunday’s events
Ineffective awareness, training, PPE and personnel accountability contributed to death of volunteer firefighter during wildfire
Under the new policy, an incident commander will decide what salvage operations are needed
Two captains entered the burning structure with an uncharged hose line and became disoriented after running low on air
Richard Gist, principle assistant at the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, outlined how AARs are the backbone of the military’s operational culture
Dr. Stefan Svensson gave a damning indictment of safety within the U.S fire service four years ago, and this year had a follow-up
If you have a railroad in your jurisdiction, when was the last time you received training on railcar emergencies or exercised a scenario like this?
How seriously do you value your firefighters? If you have an elite RIT that trains for multiple scenarios, then you can probably answer in a positive manner
Why do we as a fire service place ourselves at substantial risk to save burning vehicles in the first place?