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The investigative report finds Topsfield EMTs “grossly failed to take care of this patient appropriately”
Bronny James, 18, was reported to be out of intensive care and in stable condition
HELP training is a new program offered to houses of worship and religious community groups
“They rushed over,” said Anderson Township Fire Department member Curtis Yuskewich
Bay Village’s Jeremy Gillespie ran over and helped responders perform CPR on Maui Firefighter Tre Evans-Dumaran
“The opportunity to dramatically transform cardiac arrest response and improve outcomes is now possible,” said Rory Beyer, Avive co-founder and president
Community risk reduction and improving mental health resources for providers
Whether NFL player or firefighter, when one of our own goes down, the impacts are amplified beyond our routine responses
The NFL safety “continues to progress remarkably in his recovery,” the team says
“The man grunted, fluttered his eyelids,” said Lt. Adam Jordan after he used an AED on the collapsed man. “I talked to him a little bit, I said, ‘Welcome back.’”
Matthias Wirtz, a 22-year veteran of the North Haven Fire Department, received CPR before being transported to a hospital
The West Allis Fire Department is educating its community and improving OHCA survival rates
In honor of EMS Week, members from the Columbus (Ohio) Division of Fire guided 100 middle school students in hands-only CPR, bleeding control and AEDs
The award recognizes agencies that have demonstrated creative approaches to improving therapies for patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes and sudden cardiac arrest
Without first responders’ quick actions, survival rates for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests fall by 7-10% every minute