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Travis Muller was cleaning out the bin when he became caught in the power sweep auger
Lawrence firefighter Miguel Baez focused on recovering as quickly as possible and committed himself to being upbeat
Paterson firefighters used a winch to separate the cars and medical tools to retrieve the man’s leg, Chief Brian McDermott said
“They all saved my life,” recounted Derek Oldfather, whose leg became trapped in a conveyor belt on a job site
“My biggest concern was never being able to be on the fire truck again,” said Colton Adams, a Centerville volunteer firefighter
Approximately 100 members of Boston Fire, plus Boston EMS crews and a surgical team, responded to the collapse and rescued three victims
What firefighters must understand about downed power lines and other energy sources
Valdosta Fire Department firefighters were responding to a low-hanging power line when a vehicle drove through the area, causing the line to “snap and whip around”
From burns to bleeding, head trauma to amputation, be prepared for when fireworks go wrong
Firefighters used an aerial apparatus to access the patient, video shows
Activating the surgical team: A low-frequency, high-risk emergency procedure in the field
Fire/EMS officials called in a team of surgeons to perform the rare field amputation after a tree fell on the victim’s house, trapping his leg
Berthoud Fire Investigator Joshua MacDonald injured his leg at a 2016 fire scene and had endured multiple surgeries, including leg amputation
“This family, this crew, these team members ... if it hadn’t been for them, I wouldn’t be here right now,” Sgt. Darrow Harden said
In November 2018, Gary Weiland was given “unbelievable” news that doctors would have to amputate his leg after knee surgery complications