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Four adults and two children were killed in severe storms that hit in Montgomery County and north of Nashville
A supercell struck Matador killing at least 4 people and causing widespread destruction
“We have seen somewhere between 50 and 100 patients,” Ochiltree General Hospital CEO Kelly Judice said
ATCEMS performed multiple water rescues, and a volunteer firefighter in Oklahoma activated tornado warning sirens
Extensive damage to the station is forcing Whiteland crews to share a station in New Whiteland, which is a tight fit for the number of members
Little Rock crewmembers experienced shock but kept working to serve the community
More storms in the Midwest and South may bring additional twisters and hail
In Belvidere, Ill., Fire Chief Shawn Schadle witnessed “absolute chaos” at a theater with a collapsed roof and 260 people at the venue
Part of the Florence Fire Department’s roof came off, and the bay doors were blocked
The storm devastated the town of Rolling Fork, including the local hospital, which was forced to transfer patients to other medical centers
A tornado hit Autauga County, Ala., where 6 people died, at least a dozen injured people were transported to hospitals, and crews have searching for survivors
At least three people were hospitalized after the storm hit Iberia Parish
Lowndes County Emergency Management Agency Director Cindy Lawrence said no one from the station was hurt
“The fire station I’ve been at for the past 10 years is gone. I mean, it looks like just something out of a movie,” said Hughes Springs Paramedic Justin Riehemann
Firefighters and EMS providers helped with recovery after the storm left three people injured, hundreds of homes damaged and thousands without power