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Quiet Warrior

Celebrating the everyday fire hero, the Quiet Warrior program is a collaboration between FireRescue1 and 5.11 Tactical that highlights the professionalism, compassion, heroism and humility that drive firefighters to go above and beyond the call of duty for their communities. Read profiles of some Quiet Warriors below, whose acts of kindness and bravery have helped strengthen the bond between the fire service and the citizens you serve.

Prince George’s County Fire-EMS Department Battalion Chief Donald Fletcher was on his way home from work when he saw a “ball of fire”
Maryland Heights Firefighter Shaylor Taetz said he and his partner were rushing to a bus crash when their ambulance slid on the ice and hit a guardrail
Four Kern County firefighters bought more than 200 Target gift cards and gave them away to Butte County residents on their days off
Edgewater firefighter David Blair donated his kidney to Heidi Hughes after responding to a social media post seeking help by Hughes’ father
After Blake Rine was diagnosed with cancer, he traveled around Ohio warning firefighters of their exposure to carcinogens, prompting fire departments to make changes
Luis Garcia’s South Florida Opioid Crisis Mortality Reduction Project hopes to reduce the number of fatal overdoses
Lt. Brandon Anderson, a 16-year veteran firefighter, returned to his department as a fully qualified firefighter just 10 months after a motorcycle crash
Los Angeles Fire Department firefighter-paramedic Jack Albert presented a special needs patient with a new bicycle after he was assaulted and his bike was stolen
Enrico Trujillo rushed into a convenience store and protected a woman after a gunfight started outside of the store
Forest Fire Patrolman David Kullgren and Forest Ranger Tom Trask are making the four-day trip in a brush truck to help in the fight against the Mendocino Complex
Matthew Driscoll used his extra time while on light duty after an injury to create training that would help responders recognize signs of trafficking victims
The much-lauded documentary about three women fighting against the opioid crisis in Huntington, West Virginia, has been nominated for another award
To prevent tragedies caused by drunk driving, the Davidson Volunteer Fire Department is offering rides to wedding guests who have had too much to drink
The responders helped rescue a woman who called 911 to report that she was trapped in her vehicle and submerged in a canal
A crew from Pasco County Fire Rescue returned to Gene Work’s home to lay the rest of his sod, knowing he wouldn’t be back to do it before the new grass died
Capt. Darin Peterson and Eric Watkins jumped into action after an 18-year-old and a 4-year-old were struck by lightning
St. Paul Assistant Fire Chief Mike Gaede helped a doctor treat the man until the plane could make an emergency landing
A photo of firefighter-paramedic Doug Higley sitting with a 3-year-old at the hospital while waiting for her parents to arrive has gone viral
Dana Kaplan teaches the self-defense martial arts to first responders as a way for them to be prepared to protect themselves in case of violence
David George, who is also a pastor, shot and killed Timothy Day after he opened fire in a Walmart
Ryan Starling, an engineer and tactical medic, has made it his personal mission to be in the best possible physical condition in order to protect and serve his community
Capt. Thomas Johannessen was swimming for exercise when he saw the San Francisco Police Department Marine Unit trying to help a swimmer in distress
Panama City Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Gary Swearingen is launching a mental health initiative after learning how many firefighters die by suicide
Oswego Fire Department firefighter Sean O’Gorman was on the beach in Emerald Isle, when he saw two girls drifting on boogie boards
Share your stories of community spirit and exemplary work by firefighters, both on and off the job
Brenda McClain said she was given a glimmer of hope after firefighters were able to find the hidden bag that contained her life savings
Huntington Fire Chief Jan Rader, who was recently featured in the Netflix documentary “Heroin(e),” was recognized for raising awareness about the opioid crisis
Andrew Needum, who helped pull Jennifer Riordan back into the plane after she was sucked through a window said he’s “no different than any other firefighter”