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Random Act of Kindness

Newport Firefighter Bob Hug was on dialysis for more than six months before receiving a kidney donation from his colleague, Ryan Whaley
“I just thought I could do something to help them,” said Randy Reinecke, who now owns a food truck
From firefighters going the extra mile for members of their communities, to civilians paying it forward for their local fire departments, here are the most heartwarming fire service stories from this year
“It’s not in our job description, but there are things, those things we enjoy doing,” said Cincinnati Fire Lt. Bill Feckter
“Step Up To The Plate” is a campaign launched by CAL FIRE/Fresno County Fire to collect donations of baseball cards for kids affected by the Creek Fire
A Baby Yoda doll gifted to firefighters by a 5-year-old boy has traveled from fire crew to fire crew in adventures documented on Facebook
Crisfield volunteer firefighters lifted Shirl Carmine to the window of her mother’s room after they were separated for four months
Staff at the Gloucester Fire Department contributed their own money to pay for the recliner to help Jim Milone get up to his walker more easily
The commission, which normally has a “zero tolerance” policy on gifts for public officials, will allow some exceptions during the COVID-19 pandemic
Frederick County firefighters collaborated with a local farm to cheer up nursing home residents during the pandemic
Chelsea firefighters have gone to nearly 20 homes to help residents celebrate after their birthday plans were canceled due to the crisis
Firefighters in Glendale, which has four cases, have stepped up to help residents who are isolating due to age or underlying health conditions
First responders performed a welfare check after the woman told a healthcare worker she was unable to buy food after having surgery
Medic 2 crew returned to the scene of an earlier medical call to finish up mowing for the owner
After Firefighter Mitch Lundgaard died in a shooting last month, former EMT Chad Weston felt compelled to honor his memory in a tribute
Oakland nonprofit illustrates how simple actions can positively impact community and department members alike
Members of the Converse Fire Department finished mowing the yard of a resident who had fallen during the task
Firefighters donated $2,500 to the West Middlesex school board to give parents a chance to catch up on missed lunch payments
A Harrisburg Fire Department crew stepped in to watch two boys after it was determined their parents needed to be transported to the hospital
Paradise firefighters accepted a $30,000 check from the American Punjabi Chamber of Commerce, which will go to outfitting a gym with fitness equipment
Todd Aldridge and Mark Benge, who died 30 years ago, are the only firefighters in Orange County fire Rescue’s history to have died in the line of duty
Battalion Chief Thomas Cope said he saw Jackson McNary come out to help in his firefighter Halloween costume while they responded to a burning shed
Comstock Township Fire and Rescue Lt. Doug McLiechey and Capt. Dale Beauchamp are both recovering after an “uneventful” surgery
Manchester Fire Department Lt. Mike Rheault engaged with a 9-year-old boy after responding to a fire alarm in his apartment building
Two Cedar Rapids Fire Department first responders shoveled snow outside a house as the rest of the crew helped deliver a baby inside
Hundreds of firefighters were welcomed by the Dodgers organization as a way to say “thank you” for battling the recent California wildfires
The Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department will be serving a spaghetti dinner for workers impacted by the government shutdown