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Using an app that shares GPS coordinates, Deerfield firefighters were directed to the injured man’s location
The integration is designed to give first responders a “human-friendly way to identify and communicate precise locations in any emergency”
The radio has long been the lifeline for first responders, but new technologies and functions require fire and EMS organizations to think more broadly about how they communicate in the field
UCF RESTORES also received $270,000 to work with Florida A&M to build a statewide mental health wellness toolkit for first responders
Spokane Fire Department members have been learning to how use the pediatric resuscitation system and mobile app
Here’s how first responders can gain more clarity before arriving at a scene
FirstNet, warning systems focus of House subcommittee update
What3words has made it possible to locate any place on earth in just three words, and PSAPs are taking notice
The program allows Hunterdon County first responders to access detailed floor plans through an app on their phone
QuickRoute takes into account emergency vehicle-specific factors that aren’t included in other navigation apps
The new service allows individuals to receive notifications sent from local authorities to stay informed on potentially hazardous situations involving weather, traffic and other emergencies, including the spread of COVID-19
Paramedic Johnathan Harrison said a tragic incident on his job inspired him to create a device that would make 911 callers’ homes more visible to first responders
“Heroes Health” is available for free download for first responders and healthcare personnel to assess their mental health symptoms and access support resources
The IPSDI app will allow firefighters a simple way to document scene exposure, and have it available during workers’ compensation claims for occupational health conditions
The app is designed to provide first responders with expert information and allow them to screen their symptoms