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New Medical Rapid Access Transport (MRAT) all-terrain vehicle can reach patients in a crowd or wooded areas, Tidewater EMS says
Asst. Chief Jason Kirchner of Dalton remembered as a family man who helped his community
Department ‘reeling’ from loss of Patrick John Mahan, 34
Firefighter Randy Pouliot, a 16-year member of the department, was found in the woods with the all-terrain vehicle on top of him
Logan Fire Department Firefighter Ernie Logan was killed when he hit a tractor-trailer head-on while driving an ATV
With the aid of the ATV-3 Prowler, paramedics were able to get to the patient, load him onto a stretcher and deliver him to a crew waiting nearby
Brock Currens, 17, was trying to help extinguish a car fire at a motorsports park when he crashed his ATV
Officials said Peter Cannata, 61, was leaving a holiday gathering when his ATV lost traction and rolled over, landing on top of him
Lt. Matt Sarrracco said they are using two ATVs, to make their way through tough spots to gain access and to transport patients
Casey Klein was discovered by a train operator who called 911 to report an ATV that had crashed into a ditch
Wyatt Taylor is “getting back to normal life” after being critically injured in an ATV crash and spending seven weeks in the hospital
Capt. Chris Fitzmaurice was killed Thanksgiving day in an ATV crash
Over $50,000 of a $75,000 goal has been raised in Captain Chris Fitzmaurice’s name.
Fire Chief Dennis Reilly, 57, suffered minor injuries when an ATV collided with his vehicle on a highway
Thieves broke through a locked door and made off with the six-wheel unit