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Back Bay Fire

The trucks with the diesel engines from Navistar International make up about 35 percent of the fleet and take up 80 percent of the department’s maintenance time
The rig was purchased through funds raised by fallen firefighter Michael Kennedy’s mother; she said she needed a project to focus her energy on after her son died
Sarah Wessmann is one of 46 people running on the Last Call Foundation team, which has already raised more than a quarter of a million dollars
Memorial plaques were unveiled at the firehouse where both men will always have a permanent place
Fallen Boston firefighter Michael Kennedy’s mother founded the Last Call Foundation, which is funding research into fireproof hoses
Family members accepted the award on behalf of firefighter Michael R. Kennedy and Lt. Edward J. Walsh Jr.
Hero Fund America founder said he wanted to recognize those who ran into smoke and bombs after Boston Marathon bombings
D&J Iron Works did not follow proper precautions when it set the March fire that killed Firefighter Kennedy and Lt. Walsh