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Beacon Street Blaze

The investigation revealed actions that were irresponsible and careless, but not willful and reckless
Memorial plaques were unveiled at the firehouse where both men will always have a permanent place
Kathy Crosby-Bell, mother of firefighter Michael Kennedy, announced the creation of a charity in her son’s honor last year
Lt. Edward Walsh and firefighter Michael Kennedy died as a result of smoke inhalation and thermal injuries
Giuseppe Falcone said he wasn’t performing welding at a building next door when the March 26 fire erupted
“We were there in Boston where they just recently had a tragedy. It was a little token of our appreciation. The least we could do was pick up their dinner,” pitcher Kyle Lohse said
“This contract was pretty much done before the tragedy...we delayed it a couple weeks because of the fact of what happened with the loss of the two firefighters,” Mayor Martin Walsh said
Fire officials said the blaze was accidentally sparked by welders who failed to get a permit for work on a neighboring building
Investigators are confident the fire was unintentional, but they have not decided whether anyone will face charges
Firefighter Kennedy was called a “good soul” and a “free-wheeling spirit” today as he was mourned at a church by his family, friends, and comrades
“She was just very grateful, thanking us. She’s had such a bad, bad week. It was nice to see a smile on her face”
The funeral for Lt. Edward Walsh is today and firefighter Michael Kennedy’s funeral will be aired Thursday
Mayor: ‘Words cannot repay the debt of gratitude that we owe these men and their loved ones.... They put themselves in harm’s way so that others may be safe.’