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We need to have systems in place that ensure fair and unbiased investigations are conducted into any allegation of hazing, harassment and bullying
We can no longer shrug bullying off as “culture” or laugh it off as “tradition”
Larry Whithorn said West Covina fired him in 2019 due to age bias and retaliation for reporting a hostile work environment caused by harassment
Melbourne Firefighter Aaron Starkey also alleged that after he brought the image to the union’s attention, he was confronted by the accused chief
Inmates said they were “mocked and ignored” when they told their supervisors of what would later be determined as second-degree burns and blisters
Arlington County firefighters said they feared one recruit would be driven to self-harm by the degrading treatment
Don’t let the current crisis destroy your previously identified individual goals and departmental priorities
Rutland Fire Chief James Larsen, who had previously resigned as fire chief of Farmington in Minnesota, is accused of creating a hostile work environment
The city will pay Mike Schutt $11,107.17 per month through May 2020 and continue to provide his health insurance to that point, according to the terms of separation
Emanuel talks fire department accreditation, data collection and bullying in the fire service
After being a victim of bullying, Emily began making thank you cards to law-enforcement agencies, corrections, EMS, firefighters and the military
Fire department policies go beyond liability to increase firefighter safety and reduce the risk for preventable injuries and line of duty deaths
Jason Eagan and his family met with several members of the department, apologies were made, and his job was offered back
The IAFC Bullying, Harassment and Workplace Violence Prevention Task Group combats workplace bullying misconceptions and advocates organizational accountability
We need to do more to improve the care and compassion we show to our fire and EMS brethren
Officials said disciplinary action will range from written reprimands to two firefighters being suspended for 48 hours without pay
Muslim firefighter Raheem Hassan claims he was tormented by fellow firefighters since 2015
Allowing gossip to spread in the fire service creates an atmosphere of distrust
All workplace violence is not necessarily bullying or harassment, but all bullying and harassment are forms of violence
Fire-Rescue International conference speaker breaks down the legal issues that are important to fire and EMS departments
Nicole Mittendorff’s mother said developing tough skin is not a firefighter’s job
The fire captain allegedly made “callous comments” about bullying to families of new recruits
Left unchecked, harassing behavior will erode fire department morale and contribute to the firefighter suicide problem
The nationwide survey polled 3,200 male and 800 female firefighters; 28 percent of women experienced sexual harassment in the workplace last year
The 53-page assessment of the fire department following Nicole Mittendorff’s suicide didn’t address the core issues or their solutions
An in-depth examination into the department’s communication and culture following Nicole Mittendorff’s suicide holds lessons for all departments
Allegations of bullying and harassment surfaced after firefighter-paramedic Nicole Mittendorff died by suicide April 2016
Anecdotal evidence suggests we may have finally hit bottom and begun our ascent in one critical life-safety area