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Carbon Monoxide Screening

Early ventilation is a key element in reducing cancer risk for firefighters
Check your knowledge of carbon monoxide poisoning causes, symptoms and protective strategies on scene
CO poisoning is a life-threatening emergency and victims must be removed from the environment immediately without placing the rescuers in danger
Data from the NFPA report “Firefighter Injuries on the Fireground” can guide us toward better use of PPE to mitigate injuries
Know the common sources and symptoms, immediate treatment options, and how to prevent CO poisoning
Toxicologist Jerry Snow, MD, joins our hosts to discuss the common symptoms and what leads to misdiagnosis in carbon monoxide poisoning
The firefighters were on break between battling the Glass Fire and officials say exposure couldn’t have happened at base camp or on the fireground
The FDNY cleared out 15 apartments due to the carbon monoxide leak that sickened 11 people
A Dallas Fire-Rescue crew responded to a medical call about one patient when others at the shelter began saying they felt sick
EMS officials said carbon monoxide exposure could not be ruled out in the deaths of two infants at a public housing complex
Fire officials said a boiler in the basement was leaking; the leak filled the dorm’s five floors with high levels of CO2
Treat aggressively with high-flow oxygen, rapid sequence intubation and Cyanokit in a patient with evidence of airway burns and CO2 poisoning
Firefighters responded to the scene and found people on the lawn outside the house
The firefighters were somehow overcome by carbon monoxide, sending one into cardiac arrest
The problem ultimately was traced to a broken boiler pipe in a grocery store basement
Fire officials said the level of carbon monoxide in the pool area was 300 parts per million
Lt. Ron Bryant was dispatched to a call for an unresponsive female when he smelled something off
Officials believe the high levels were caused by a snow-melting machine outside of the building
The children’s mother found them in their bedroom and she attempted CPR
The cause of the leak has not been determined, but firefighters suspect malfunctioning equipment
Understanding how carbon monoxide attacks the body is the first step in protecting against it
Lt. Matt Anzivino, 42, was dropping off his two young daughters when he noticed a strong sulfur smell
The four officers were treated at a hospital and released; the firefighter was also treated and is in fair condition
Multiple EMS and fire agencies respond to players, spectators reporting headaches, dizziness, vomiting after hockey game
The firefighter was injured in a fall while cleanup was underway at the cafe; his injuries were not serious
The 55-year veteran volunteer firefighter suffered a heart attack on Nov. 18 and died today
Luckily, EMS arrived behind firefighters to a call for difficulty breathing and evacuated the building when their carbon monoxide monitors went off
Major Malcom Jenkins, a 30-year veteran, was one of the station’s original members