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The 33,000-square-foot structure had been empty for eight years
Two people had to be extricated from the car after both vehicles crashed into a Long Beach restaurant
Two workers were killed when the 11-story abandoned building collapsed while being prepared for demolition
Martin County Judge Executive Lon Lafferty said they have not had any communication with the second worker in the coal plant collapse
Rescuers are in contact with one worker buried in the collapse of a multi-story plant in Martin County
A coordinated effort involving several departments saved a construction worker pinned by a foundation collapse
Firefighters and a patient fell to the ground when the roof of the Burlington structure collapsed
One worker is dead and another trapped in the collapse of an 11-story coal plant in Martin County
A Chicago firefighter was injured after falling through a floor in a South Side blaze
Firefighters avoided injury when the steeple of the 100-year-old church collapsed
Wichita firefighters were moving up to the third floor to rescue occupants when the stairway collapsed
One patient in the New Bedford pier collapse was transported to St. Luke’s Emergency Department by rescue boat
“If that wall had fallen 2 seconds earlier, we very likely would have paralyzed firefighters, if not worse,” Winston-Salem Fire Chief Trey Mayo said
Video shows when the top floor of the Old Havana building collapsed while firefighters inside were doing a search
Clark County firefighters were withdrawn from the building due to its compromised structural integrity