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On-demand webinar: Early detection of wildfires with AI technology

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Wildfires pose a serious threat to life and property, and they are one of the most dangerous challenges faced by fire service personnel. While these disasters were once limited to a specific season in a few trouble spots around the country, times have changed dramatically and wildfires are now a year-round threat in many areas. Getting on a fire early – before it has the opportunity to spread – is critical and can make a dramatic difference in the level of resources needed and the danger posed to firefighters.

An established and recognized technology from a company called Pano AI is using ultra-high definition 360-degree cameras combined with artificial intelligence to help detect wildfires long before they become catastrophic events. The system continually searches the landscape for the first wisps of smoke. The technology can then identify the specific location or bearing, and alerts first responders within minutes of the first visible smoke. Pano uses T-Mobile’s 5G technology to help minimize latency and improve connectivity speeds which in turn can improve detection times. T-Mobile also provides priority access for data which can help during times of network congestion .

This webinar provides actionable information regarding the solution developed by Pano AI and insight on how T-Mobile for Government is supporting Pano AI’s firefighting efforts. Use cases from the fire community are shared and will highlight how Pano is making a difference.


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Sahiba Khan, Senior Customer Success Specialist for Pano AI, manages relationships with fire, forestry, and emergency response agencies across deployments in Oregon, Washington, and California. Sahiba has a background in Meteorology and Climate Sciences and trains as a volunteer firefighter with her local fire protection district in rural California.

Chief Craig Martinez (Ret.) is the National Public Safety Strategist for T-Mobile for Government. He is a United State Marine Corps veteran and 23-year law enforcement executive where he worked with the Utah Highway Patrol as a State Trooper, Federal Aviation Administration as a Federal Air Marshal, Orem Police Department (UT) as a Captain, and retired as the Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police in Springville (UT). He is a graduate of the FBINA session #275 and Northwestern University SPSC #423.

Phil Schneider, Division Chief, Clackamas Fire District #1, the third largest Fire District in Oregon. Chief Schneider started his career in a smaller Fire District, serving 47 years as a first responder, and the last nine as the Fire Chief.