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Heart Attack

The Youngsville Fire Department stated that Louis was a mentor to generations of firefighters
Cumberland Head Firefighter Robert Boire experienced a heart attack while at the scene of an MVA
Firefighter Daniel DeWolf had 32 years with the Fairville Volunteer Fire Department and was a past chief
Takotsubo syndrome might be a clinical trap, but the firehouse shouldn’t be
Mount Vernon Firefighter Lamont Killian, Jr. collapsed while fighting a residential fire
Henderson County Firefighter Richard “Rick” D. Miller served as a driver for Station 1 since 2021; he was 69 years old
Forest Bend Fire Chief John Norris was with other firefighters fighting a blaze in Friendswood
Capon Valley Firefighter Ronald Maurice Strosnider fell ill while on the call
The Prairieton Fire Department announced the death of one of its firefighters during a house fire
Whitesburg Fire Department Assistant Chief Joe Back suffered a heart attack during an EMS call
Fire Chief Timothy Johnson had complained of indigestion and an upset stomach before leaving for home
Despite progress to reduce fatalities, the rate of firefighter deaths due to cardiovascular events has remained unchanged
Identifying the top three manners of death for on- and off-duty firefighters
West Milford Fire Chief Edward Steines collapsed at home the morning after responding to a train fire
Researchers said once the AI model was familiar with firefighter-specific medical data, it was able to identify 6,000 abnormal ECG samples with 97% accuracy
HELP training is a new program offered to houses of worship and religious community groups
The 84-year-old New Haven FF died of a heart attack at home the morning after the fire
The Vermillion firefighter was found unresponsive at home after already being treated for being unresponsive during a training
Chesterfield firefighter David Hart was resuscitated by other firefighters after suffering his 8th heart attack
Groesbeck Volunteer Fire-Rescue Lt. Richard Hempel reportedly began to feel ill and became unresponsive the next morning
Former Chief Jeff M. Pfeiffer served with the Deptford Fire Department for 50 years and was an organ donor
Minton “Butch” Beach previously served as director of emergency services for Edgecombe County
Flint Firefighter Ricky Hill Jr., 49, suffered a possible heart attack when he collapsed at the scene of a mobile home park fire
Lake Mills Fire Department Chief Todd J. Yandre was in the fire service for 42 years and was a fire instructor for 18 years
“The opportunity to dramatically transform cardiac arrest response and improve outcomes is now possible,” said Rory Beyer, Avive co-founder and president
Robert “Bob” Thomas Gardner, Jr. had served as a deputy chief for the Richmond-Carolina Fire District
Rachel Peace’s husband, Gary Peace, died after suffering a heart attack; her lawsuit names 11 defendants
North Park Fire member Brian “Tater” Rehnberg “was truly a blessed soul with a big heart,” North Park Fire Chief Joel Hallstrom said