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Patient Satisfaction

Because of EMS, emergency care begins closer to the point of illness or injury than ever before
Keeping the strain on EMS providers front of mind
Helping a fall patient back into bed, a chair or onto the ambulance cot should launch risk mitigation in the patient’s home to prevent future falls
Thomas Swartz was fired for allegedly making judgmental comments regarding drug use to an 18-year-old and the patient’s mother
Brunacini’s impact on the fire service is far-reaching and profound, particularly in the areas of safety, command and customer service
Communication, PPE and decontamination strategies highlighted the 4th FirstWatch and Paramedic Chiefs of Canada COVID-19 webinar
The paramedic currently being considered for promotion to lieutenant is currently under investigation for one of at least five complaints
The goal of the Heads Up program is to decrease the unknowns while responding to an emergency call
A court ruled that Paramedics Joseph Stracke and Stephanie Cisneros did not act in a grossly negligent way when they “inaccurately diagnosed and treated” Kerry Butler Jr.
The initiative launches at the end of the month and will provide 24-hour assistance for those seeking to be connected with treatment and recovery options
Officials credited the quick response by area EMS and firefighters for helping the passengers and mitigating any potential environmental problems with fuel runoff
The newest ambulance cot will increase patient handling safety, and the EMS-to-hospital notification system aims to improve patient care
Find out the specifics of the Emergency Treat, Triage and Transport payment model, and how will it affect your EMS agency
The Santee Fire Department shared a photo of a captain cleaning up a home after he and his crew climbed through a window to reach a patient
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