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‘Stop hiking in the heat': Phoenix FD’s message to hikers goes viral

The fire department’s PSA to outdoor enthusiasts went viral on social media as temperatures soared above 100 degrees in Arizona

By Bill Carey

PHOENIX — As temperatures in the Southwest soared above 100 degrees, a social media post by the Phoenix Fire Department gained the internet’s attention for its subtle message.

The department posted a simple photo of a firefighter holding a sign that said, “Stop hiking in the heat.” The post reminded people that as temperatures climb above 100 degrees, outdoor enthusiasts should exercise caution and follow the city’s recommendations about excessive heat warnings.

The department posted the photo on June 6. According to the National Weather Service Phoenix, temperatures in the area reached 113 degrees on that day, breaking the record of 111 degrees set in 2016.

The social media post currently has over 24,000 Likes and over 11,000 shares.

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