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Survival kit: Dealing with a PR nightmare

This kit contains a collection of our most compelling articles to help you address PR nightmares before they get out of control.

Life comes down to the small things, and seemingly small, off-handed comments to the public can undermine their trust and support
Fire departments are easy targets for criticism; fire chiefs need to know how, when, why and if to respond
If it can be recorded, it probably will; if it can be shared, it probably will; and if it involves firefighters, it certainly will
Lt. Duckworth and Chief Wylie caution us not to buy into their emotion and abandon best fireground practices
The nature of the protests against the fire department in Philadelphia requires a break from traditional communication strategy when fending off attacks
Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie also talk about labor management relations in their leadership lessons segment
Failing to be an up-standing, law-abiding member of the community puts all firefighters at risk
The recent case of a firefighter allegedly having sex in a fire truck isn’t the first time such incidents have made the headlines