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Using an online tax preparation service or working with a public safety tax preparation expert might save you time and money. Here’s what to know.
Don’t assume residents know what your department does; spell it out and explain how additional funding would positively impact community members
Niagara County law will also give the tax break for life to members with 20 years of service to help increase recruitment and retention
Supporters of the new law believe it will improve recruitment and retention of volunteers
New legislation would extend a 10% property tax reduction to volunteer Rotterdam firefighters and providers with at least two years of service
The Cannon Beach Rural Fire Protection District now has around-the-clock staffing, with more positions expected to be added
The legislation has first responders’ support, the Reedy Creek firefighters’ union says
Cumberland County applicants who met the qualifications received payments ranging from $87 to $250 each
Troy uses incentives to help with retention and tries to compensate the unpaid firefighters, said Mayor Ethan Baker
“Fire survivors ... should not be taxed on the settlements from the PG&E Fire Victims Trust,” Rep. Mike Thompson said
The exemption would have applied to the value of a property worth between $100,000 and $150,000
Gov. Gavin Newsom criticized the potential tax to fund electric vehicle programs as a publicly funded handout for ride-share companies
Local 2881 President Tim Edwards said more hiring may lead to shorter stints working on wildfires and shorter regular weekly shifts, which now last 72 hours
Changes include boosting maximum grant awards from $15,000 to $20,000 and establishing an education certification management system
“This legislation will add another tool for our members to use when recruiting and retaining volunteer firefighters and EMS providers,” said FASNY’s Michael Krummenacker
The measure would remove a current restriction on grants and designate parts of the state’s fireworks tax revenue for financial and educational aid for first responders
Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state will likely assume control of Disney World’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, rather than local governments absorbing it
How the impending dissolution of the independent district could impact the Reedy Creek Fire Department, which protects the entertainment resort
Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill dissolving the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which funds the department
The bill, which passed in the Senate and now heads to the House, could cost the state an estimated $20-22 million
Vancouver voters approved Proposition 2, a tax hike to improve fire services, but the department cannot tap into levy funds until 2023
10 Rockport taxpayers say town funds can’t be used for public safety stipends
Eddy County fire officials say the fire excise tax funds will help enhance rescue response and fire investigations
It’s tax time; keep what’s yours and make it grow
St. Peter officials are asking the Minnesota Legislature to approve a sales tax proposal to fund construction
Danbury City Councilman Frank Salvatore Jr. advocated the tax break as some of the city’s companies consolidate due to a shortage of volunteers
Strongsville voters rejected a property tax increase that would have allowed the department to hire 20 new full-time firefighter-paramedics
Voters had been asked if they supported the tax hike for “the operation and maintenance of ambulance and rescue squads”