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Uniform Stories

The role, though thankless, is endlessly important.
These ‘golden oldies’ were my introduction to the non-stop action that is emergency services, and the life I have now
It’s not unusual for a firehouse to house a spirit or two
Just because we see these mistakes everywhere does not make them remotely true to life
How much work gets done when the engine crew can‘t get to the fire?
We are a stubborn breed, but manage to get home safe far more often than not
“Being a fire wife is understanding that even when your fireman is home, his mind may not be”
Official statistics show that 343 firefighters lost their lives on that day, but there were really 344
If you recognize more than a few of the following traits in yourself, head over to headquarters and grab an application
You are trained to be a fixer of all problems, and that’s pretty cool
The individuals assigned to the “truck” have some of the most dangerous jobs at a building fire
The day you know you are ready to become a parent is a few months after your first child is born; the same is true for firefighting
Long ago, on a highway far, far away, a pickup truck was traveling more than twice the posted speed limit
Have you earned your number or were you just happy to be drafted?
These fashion tips won’t leave you Fonzie cool or bucket of ice in front of a fan cool, but they will keep you looking good when it counts
It’s hard for us to celebrate merrily when we have just seen the tears of a child that we extricated from a vehicle collision
Whether its a firefighter training class or a family vacation, you don’t want to do it sick; here’s how to put the odds in your favor
The uniform tries to hide all the problems, frustrations and disappointments we‘re feeling inside and project a clean, crisp, tough exterior
There is no greater fear than not seeing a child breathing, and no greater joy than seeing that same child begin to breathe
The ability to laugh does release chemicals that help you feel better, but laughter is only the beginning
To me, the true test of who you are as a firefighter comes after you get that badge
We shared some great experiences together and at times was my only friend out in the middle of nowhere New Mexico
The funny thing about the calls that shake us is that they also shape us
I would rather go into a fire with a poor test-taker who has more time on the job than me, than the guy who aced the test but hasn’t seen diddly
Visiting other firehouses can be fun and informative, but don’t be “that guy”
They may never feel the heat of the fire, but they can feel our reactions
The 24-hour lifestyle takes some getting used to, especially if you‘re assigned to a busy company