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Education and Training

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These unwieldy beasts make up a large percentage of apparatus crashes; follow these sound safety procedures to tame that beast and keep firefighters safe. Full Story

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Chieftain Wildland Pants and Jackets

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FireRescue1's firefighter education and training resources help to keep fire professionals safer by providing access to information which supports professional development and improves training. Find a training class, seminar or conference, research for training products, or review training tips and firefighter safety information.

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Jimm Walsh

Fireground Tips and Tricks

Firefighter ladders: Finding the balance point

A ladder is much easier to handle when carried perfectly balanced. An unbalanced ladder requires additional effort and energy to "right" the ladder back into a comfortable carrying position.  Full Story

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Education and Training
Reality Training: Well-involved house with exposure problems
Reality Training: A compromised structure and firefighter safety

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