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One Mooreland firefighter remains in critical but stable condition
Fire on the first floor trapped one occupant and forced another to jump from a window in Buffalo
Female firefighters explained how gear designed for men increases their risk of being burned, slows their movements
A 75-year-old Dalton man suffered third-degree burns while using a lighter to open a bag of potato chips
The Shamokin Fire Department was fined for not having a credentialed instructor during the live-burn training, a new requirement in 2023
Five Montgomery firefighters were burned, two critically, while searching for people trapped in a house fire in May
Mobile Firefighter Deandre Hartman suffered extreme burns during a fatal fire and could not attend his daughter’s school award ceremony
Nez Perce County firefighter Jimmy Ralstin suffered burns across 50% of his body
Montgomery Captain Donald L. Crenshaw, Jr. suffered second- and third-degree burns across 20% of his body as firefighters attempted to rescue three civilians
“Often times we don’t really deal with our own getting hurt or being injured, so this is difficult for us,” said Capt. Jaeson Daniels, DeKalb fire spokesperson
Syracuse EMS providers transported the injured crewmembers and evaluated a disoriented person
Friends, family members, colleagues and hospital staffers cheered as Lt. Bill Doody was wheeled out of Staten Island University North Hospital
“The crew began to experience moderate heat and zero visibility,” the Dover Township Fire Department said
Crete volunteer firefighter and college professor Brad Elder tied to hold back tears as he went from a burn unit to his home
First responders transported the seriously injured patient to a Topeka-area hospital
Rebecca Knick, wife of Hampton Fire Lt. Eric Knick, raised the issue after an incident where he sustained burns and was treated, but she was not notified
Meriden crewmembers were treated for burns, cardiac issues and smoke inhalation
Pompton Lakes VFD members were using a thermal imaging camera in the house to find the smoke source when “the home literally exploded,” officials said
Talk to anyone who has spent time in a burn unit, and it’s clear why the suspenders are needed
Firefighters have been using fireboats and drones, but the fire may burn for days, and DNA evidence has been lost
“‘OK, I’m gonna die here,’” thought Brad Elder, a firefighter and professor who was one of the hundreds of first responders dispatched to a grass fire
“I have a firefighter brother, and when I saw what was happening and that they needed some help, all I could see was my brother up there,” Aaron Murrell said
Captain Michael Purvis said the home’s roof fell in, hitting him on the helmet
The aftermath of a serious incident can be the critical moment to expand our life safety messaging and connect with the public
The former “Tonight Show” host is being treated at the Grossman Burn Center following the incident that injured the left side of his face
Elyria crews were battling a semi-trailer blaze on the Ohio Turnpike when the blast occurred
Crewmembers were doing maintenance on a transport truck at the Placerville Fire Center when the vehicle’s engine compartment ignited
With burns on his hands, arms, neck and head, the Newark firefighter remains hospitalized in stable condition