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Garage Fire

A call to respond to a flaming trash bin may be as simple as it sounds, or it could spread and become a much larger and more difficult blaze to fight
Why the first coupling at the 50-foot mark is so essential to hoseline deployments
Fuel loads, overhead storage and exposure concerns make garage fires anything but ordinary
Footage released by the Plainview Township Fire Department shows a firefighter approaching the home when the tank ignites
Bend Firefighter-Paramedic Jared Hopper ran into the house after a neighbor said the resident was disabled and couldn’t get out
The firefighter continued to care for the critically injured resident despite their own injuries, officials said
Officials said the fire flashed over when firefighter opened the garage door
The firefighter was transported to a trauma center with burn injuries
Three of the firefighters were hurt by falling concrete when a portion of the garage collapsed
The “heavy fire” caused the roof of the two-story garage to collapse
The Stamford Fire Department reported that a three-bay garage fire was well-involved and venting through the roof of the building when firefighters arrived on scene
Authorities allege Brevard County Fire Lt. Donald Slayman III set his own house ablaze during Hurricane Dorian in 2019
One firefighter was seriously injured as crews battled the blaze in extreme heat
The chief was on his way home from the firehouse when he spotted the smoke
The blaze burned for about half an hour as contents in the garage created a hazard for firefighters
The couple thanked the firefighters for going above and beyond to retrieve the special items
An off-duty Syracuse firefighter shot footage of the fire that badly damaged the car and garage
Firefighters entered the home “with virtually no firefighting equipment available at the time” to save a resident trapped inside the home
Firefighter Matthew McCard, 37, immediately called 911 and started banging on the door of the home, then ran to get a garden hose to help keep the fire from spreading
A four-day trial, the Ulster County Court jury on Thursday found Michael Watzka Jr., 30, of East Kingston, guilty of third-degree arson
Garage doors can strike or entrap firefighters battling garage fires; here’s how to neutralize those threats
When crews arrived, the garage was fully involved and a homeowner was trying to put out the blaze with a garden hose
The firefighter suffered second-degree burns and was transported to the hospital; the fire was likely sparked by hot ashes from a wood stove
One of the garages contained chlorine that emitted toxic gas when it burned causing several firefighters to suffer respiratory injuries
The firefighters suffered burns, bruises and smoke inhalation; a woman was also injured and is in serious condition
Firefighter Edward Roddy, 48, collapsed of an apparent heart attack while fighting the blaze
The girl scrambled out of the basement’s primary exit and made it out through the home’s front door