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District Chief Kelly Burns said initial firefighters had to fight tremendous amounts of smoke, heat to reach the fire apartment
Chicago firefighters responded to a fire on the fourth floor of a high-rise for seniors
One person was injured during the two-alarm fire in the 19-story condominium
The girl had a lingering question after the fire department taught her school about fire safety: Where would she go to escape a fire on her second floor bedroom?
The 1966 blaze was the deadliest fire in the history of the FDNY until the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001
A high-rise fire in Queens and a 4-alarm fire in the Bronx sent 13 firefighters to local hospitals
Clark County firefighters had water on the fire, burning on the roof of a 67-story high-rise, in 25 minutes
This recent legacy fire prompts review of stateside historic blazes
Three other firefighters and two civilians were injured at the scene
The 12-alarm blaze resulted in the deaths of three Philadelphia firefighters: David Holcombe, Phyllis McAllister and James Chappell
The video combines research footage with 3D modeling to show fire growth and spread throughout an apartment, the hallway and the stairwell
Four crewmembers were on the rope during the rarely needed, lifesaving maneuver
Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said the fire started in a 20th-floor apartment from a lithium battery connected to an unspecified micromobility device
The Evansville Fire Department Training Division suddenly found itself with two high-rise buildings at its disposal for countless training evolutions
The two men were working at a new condo tower when the platform went askew