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Insights on SCBA

In this supplement, you’ll see what users say about SCBA reliability as well as a list of their complaints. You’ll also get to sit in with industry experts as they discuss the present and future of SCBA. Finally, our product expert walks you through the new NFPA standard and proper care and maintenance.

3M offers a comprehensive, diverse portfolio of personal protective equipment solutions including 3M Scott branded SCBA, handheld and hands-free thermal imagers, voice communication devices and firefighter accountability solutions. Most notably the Air-Pak™ SCBA is used by firefighters, military, civil defense, and industrial workers around the world.

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Future advances, purchasing tips and care and maintenance advice are all topics on the table during the SCBA discussion
Regular and thorough inspection is critical to SCBA performance, but so too is the paper trail for that work
Changes to NFPA standards mean a functionality revamping for the next generation of SCBA
We gave readers a chance to weigh in on the worst thing about their SCBA