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St. Louis Firefighter-EMT Demetris “Al” Alfred told the president his biggest concern was financial support to avoid layoffs and budget cuts
Ogdensburg fire union officials objected to the restructure, saying it goes against their collective bargaining agreement
The raises, originally scheduled to begin this summer, will be delayed for 18 months to put a hold on proposed layoffs as the city faces a $675 million budget shortfall
The city of Ogdensburg is seeking to stop the union from going to an arbitrator over a minimum staffing clause included in its contract
The city tapped into a line of credit in order to exempt public safety workers from the cutbacks, but said additional funding will be needed to prevent future cuts
The city of Ogdensburg is hoping the offer will help reduce fire department staff expenses without the need to lay off personnel
City leaders said they will need to make the cuts by July 1, 2021 if more federal pandemic relief is not received
The president-elect stated he would ensure first responders have enough PPE and sick leave, and work to prevent layoffs
5 ways to prepare for and navigate a furlough at your public safety department
The judge said the Orchard Park Fire District “disparately applied the rules” related to its 10% threshold for responding to fire calls
The bill includes $436B in funds to help state, local governments avoid layoffs of first responders, teachers and healthcare workers
The council voted 6-5 to make the cuts in order to fill the city’s COVID-19 budget hole, despite strong opposition from the city’s firefighters’ union
A new state law allows fire departments to use their reserves to pay salaries and benefits during the COVID-19 crisis
How fire departments are managing staffing, non-response services, purchasing and travel impacts, plus decisions related to grant funding
Facing mounting fiscal challenges, many departments are forced to eliminate or reduce training, fire prevention, travel and physicals
The four veteran firefighters, including the fire chief, resigned in the hopes of preventing layoffs amidst budget concerns
The fire and police chiefs of the city of Schenectady responded to the prospect of losing 33 firefighter-medics and 40 police officers
Extrapolated results from an economic impact survey of IAFC members found “draconian numbers” of potential layoffs and revenue loss
The first responders were among 56 employees laid off or furloughed to save the city about $700,000 during the pandemic
Some Schenectady officials criticized the parade as a waste of resources, as dozens of first responders in the city face potential layoffs due to the pandemic
The presidents of the Uniformed Firefighters Association and Uniformed EMTs, Paramedics & Fire Inspectors strongly criticized Mayor Bill de Blasio’s comments
Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city has lost $7.4 billion during the pandemic and cuts including essential workers may be necessary
Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy said major cuts in both public safety and other departments will be necessary without federal aid
The mayor of one city said he anticipated public safety cuts of up to 20% due to the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
The city of Camden had decided earlier this year to eliminate 12 positions to make up for budget shortfalls
A union representative said response times would double and up to 15 people would lose their jobs if the station closes
A city board rescinded layoff notices for the paramedics after the chief sought to replace them with firefighter-paramedics
The New York union says the 14 firefighters who were laid off were not determined by seniority and were divided into two lists based on Spanish-speaking ability