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Crews are battling dozens of blazes in southern Oregon following more than 200 lightning strikes
A battery status indicator, strong and long-lasting beam, multiple power source options and gloved-hand operation inspire confidence that lighting will work when you need it
Researchers focused on the effects of lighting color, intensity, modulation and flash rate on drivers’ behavior while approaching and passing incidents at night
Along with the parrot, firefighters said they found a thankful tortoise who was “unable to holler” for a rescue
Firefighters saw smoke after the strike and went to the scene to find 40- to 50-foot flames
Weary crews have been battling some of the largest blazes in state history
Fire crews are battling approximately 30 large fires, some sparked by lightning, amid “excessive heat”
Federal officials said the Bighorn Fire near Tuscon has the potential to become a “major disaster”
Tulsa Fire Department Capt. Greg Delozier’s home was struck by lightning Friday morning as storms caused damage throughout the region
All of those injured were alert while being transported to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries
Firefighters grappled with a 120-gallon propane tank against the rear of the home that was blowing off pressure with a 40-foot fireball while battling the blaze
Nine people, including children, were transported to the hospital with back and head injuries, as well as cuts and bruises
A primary goal was to get firefighters and volunteers home to rest so they would be prepared for future fires, but that they had been too busy on the ground to do so
The Daviess County Fire Department fire station was struck by lightning early in the month and repairs are expected to take between two to five months