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Medical Monitoring

The Medical Monitoringtopic contains news and information about medical monitoring, outlines the current trends and what the future may hold for fire and EMS providers.

Medic Squad 63 of Kern County Fire Department resuscitated a cardiac arrest patient before transporting them to the hospital
Researchers said once the AI model was familiar with firefighter-specific medical data, it was able to identify 6,000 abnormal ECG samples with 97% accuracy
Detailing live-fire training options and requirements, from medical monitoring to decon to water supply and beyond
A Colorado county upscaled their telehealth program in the wake of COVID-19, leading to better patient outcomes and provider resources
Focus your discussions instead on when and where to mask up, how to deploy the hoseline, and what should occur in rehab
Officials declared a mass casualty incident, bringing every ambulance in Allentown and more from surrounding municipalities
The West Allis Fire Department is educating its community and improving OHCA survival rates
City council members will vote on a 2-year ban on all chemical sedatives used to restrain patients as well as any new sedatives for medical purposes
The approval for new AEDs, cardiac monitors and CPR devices follows an inspection showing that most Eddy County fire vehicles lacked working AEDs
While rehab is typically thought of as for structure fires, Gordon Graham challenges responders to think about rehab during non-structure fire operations too
Researchers aim to measure the value of virtual reality for providers as they work to identify signs of severe illness and infants and children
EMS, fire and police representatives testified before the committee saying ketamine is important for first responders’ safety
A month after his son initiated CPR for his first SCA, Wayne Kewitsch suffered a second medical emergency while driving
Regardless of case severity, many COVID-19 patients face serious persistent symptoms for months
The department began using the GoodSAM telemedicine program in December to assess some patients remotely