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Rope Rescue

Fire companies in Harlem faced several occupants hanging from windows and jumping from upper floors
Rope rescue work in Clark County by several departments saved a homeless woman who had fallen 30 feet
First responders went beyond the call of duty, pulling animals from sinkholes, frozen ponds and bear dens
A rope rescue system was used to recover the worker inside the Holly Sugar Plant in Tracy
Wichita firefighters were moving up to the third floor to rescue occupants when the stairway collapsed
Firefighters in Sevier County had set up trail cameras to know when the bear left the cave
Firefighters used a rope rescue evolution to reach a driver trapped for days in a ravine
Two people were injured when their vehicle went into the James River before a bridge-tunnel
Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One requested additional specialized help to complete the rope rescue
A worker in Durham was hit by a piece of equipment and left hanging 150 feet about the ground
First responders faced difficult terrain while working together to reach, package and remove an unconscious, bleeding patient
A rope system was rigged to raise “Dora” from a sinkhole in Granville County
Waterford, New London and Naval Submarine Base FFs perform a rope rescue operation 50-feet up inside a storage facility
Firefighter Patrick Gale took his harness and secured himself to the rope that would lower him to the trapped man
Video shows FF lowered by rope to save a man in a burning apartment building