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Mayor Michelle Wu said first responders, health professionals have encountered crowds of over 200 in the Mass and Cass area
The St. Tammany Fire Protection District pilot program will use a behavioral health center specialist for crisis calls
Robert Gala was found guilty of multiple crimes committed during his public safety career; his father, Deputy Chief Michael Gala, described the son’s addiction
The suspect was found to possess 20 guns and 4 grams of meth and had been considering stealing the fire truck and ambulance, Rochester police said
Michael Yagmin was the only New Britain member to lose his job over the scandal that surfaced after Firefighter Matt Dizney was found dead
“[Joshua] Eisnor was responsible for protecting the Malden community. Instead, he dishonored his noble profession,” said U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollin
Both men admitted that they knowingly supplied the fentanyl that killed 43-year-old Brian M. Parrish
Members can access crisis assistance plus resources for a variety of issues such as stress, family conflict, financial or legal concerns, addiction, grief and more
The news is “tragic and very sad,” the Sun City Fire and Medical Department said in a statement following the death of Shane Godbehere, which is under investigation
Recently completed toxicology tests showed that New Britain Firefighter Matthew Dizney had multiple drugs in his system when he died in January
Prosecutors recommended that Joshua Eisnor serve 90 days in prison followed by two years of supervised release
Joshua Eisnor is facing up to 20 years in prison for distributing oxycodone, suboxone, Klonopin and Adderall to Malden Fire Department members
Each crew will include a firefighter/EMT, a social worker and a police officer
Recovery Centers of America officials say the program is the first of its kind in Indiana
Peer recovery specialists and a community paramedic offer patients paths to treatment after overdose calls