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Nolen Carney and his father were in New York City when that saved a man who had overdosed
Medical experts say misinformation around fentanyl and what happened to Syracuse first responders creates a nocebo effect
The St. Tammany Fire Protection District pilot program will use a behavioral health center specialist for crisis calls
By the end of May, every firefighter in Chattanooga will have completed online training about xylazine, a sedative veterinary drug, based on information from the DEA
Wilkes-Barre FD members returned to class with questions; “It provided timelessness,” said Thomas Franko, Wilkes University assistant professor
Michael Yagmin was the only New Britain member to lose his job over the scandal that surfaced after Firefighter Matt Dizney was found dead
The state Civil Service Commission ruled that Newark’s former public safety director was within his authority to make the reassignments
Both men admitted that they knowingly supplied the fentanyl that killed 43-year-old Brian M. Parrish
LAFD transported seven of them to pediatric medical centers
Paramedics and Street Overdose Response Team members restocked the bystander’s naloxone supply and offered treatment services to the survivors
The death of Capt. Carlos Rivera at a Newark FD firehouse resulted in the transfer of 89 members, including all 40 FFs and captains assigned to the Park Ave. station where he died
The news is “tragic and very sad,” the Sun City Fire and Medical Department said in a statement following the death of Shane Godbehere, which is under investigation
Willimantic Chief Marc Scrivener said the crewmembers restrained the agitated patient in an ambulance, but he broke free
Conquer stressful calls, identify treatment challenges and pitfalls, and use technology to its best potential to save lives this summer and beyond
While every situation is different, most people are more receptive to a sympathetic approach than an authoritative command
Recently completed toxicology tests showed that New Britain Firefighter Matthew Dizney had multiple drugs in his system when he died in January
After Firefighter Matthew Dizney’s suspected overdose, commanders transferred staffers among New Britain’s eight firehouses to break up cliques
Personnel from the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, the Sheriff’s Office, American Medical Response and other organizations responded
Each crew will include a firefighter/EMT, a social worker and a police officer
The family of Tiffany Slatsky, who was married to a former firefighter and overdosed in 2020, alleges Station 51 was known as a party station
Lexington’s team has added staffers and expanded to include rapid responses to overdose deaths
A Homicide/Major Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident involving Newark Captain Carlos A. Rivera and a retired FF, who was also found unresponsive but survived
“It is another tool in our bag,” said Richmond Fire Chief Sam Kirby
A patient allegedly rushed at Evansville firefighters arriving on scene, stabbing one in the face before being wrestled to the ground
The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department reported they responded to 5,050 overdose calls last year, a stark increase from the 4,140 overdose calls in 2019
Sellersburg Volunteer Fire Department installed what is believed to be the first Naloxbox in Clark County, a publicly accessible box that contains naloxone kits
Glastonbury Fire Chief Michael Thurz said the firefighter’s off-duty comment “blemished the organization”
The video shows an off-duty Glastonbury firefighter saying Narcan should not be used and “when people overdose, you let them die”