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Dallas-Fire Rescue and the Urban Search and Rescue Team positioned an aerial ladder above the box truck and used a harness to hoist the driver to safety
The San Diego Sheriff’s Department flight crew, which teams with a CAL FIRE crew, must undergo several months of intense training
Lake Elsinore firefighters asked Southern California Edison to shut power off in the area to prevent the woman from being electrocuted, then used an aerial ladder
Eloy Fire District firefighters ensured electricity to the power lines was turned off before working to free the man
Crews used two ladders; they could not use an aerial ladder truck because of how the trucks arrived and other obstacles, Wilkes-Barre Fire Chief Jay Delaney said
Corner positioning often maximizes the resources of the device
Rosenbauer provides aerials that are built to last with controls that are easy to use for enhanced safety and effectiveness on the fireground
Understanding the diverging evolution of crew cab and chassis, equipment layouts, pumping systems and more
A Huber Heights crew safely removed the 48-year-old rescue macaw named Nash from a tree and returned the bird to her owners
The firefighters were performing aerial reconnaissance to direct resources responding to a wildfire
Gordon Graham offers tips for how to use situational awareness and planning to foster safer operations with aerial ladders
Firefighters used an aerial apparatus to access the patient, video shows
Plan ahead and think proactively for safe, effective use of multiple aerial devices
Video shows FDNY crews using ground ladders instead of aerial to rescue people from burning building
Crews used an aerial to reach riders stranded on the Wave Breaker ride