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Cyanide Poisoning

The cyanide poisoning topic discusses a major occupational risk facing firefighters. Use this page to find tips and resources on recovering and performing rehab after encountering cyanide on the fireground, and keep up with the latest news on the medical advances that are helping make cyanide poisoning less dangerous in the fire service.

Officials said a bottle of potassium cyanide was found at the scene of a suspected suicide where first responders began feeling unwell
New Bedford EMS only recently began carrying the drug on their ambulances and it was intended to treat firefighters who suffer smoke inhalation
Capt. Joseph Fontaine earned the ninth highest test score, but was not promoted to rank of battalion chief
A R.I. safety commissioner says the 45-page report fails to say how 14 firefighters were injured at a wind-driven in March
Capt. Joseph Fontaine was seriously injured after being exposed to cyanide while battling a fire; the department had removed most of their cyanide detectors due to budget cuts
Capt. Joseph Fontaine was hospitalized after having difficulty breathing after responding to the fire
A lactate meter will tell when firefighters are at the point of exhaustion or extreme dehydration
The fire started inside a tank once used for hydrogen cyanide; 14 plant workers were injured
Whether cyanide is the ‘flavor of the month’ or not, it is still a deadly toxin that’s prevalent on firegrounds
Decontamination is an important component of rehab and this dirty-doll exercise will drive that point home
There is a growing body of evidence showing that contaminated air after the fire poses a serious health risk
A wood stove used to heat the home caused the fire that claimed two children and three adults
140 kits to treat cyanide poisoning are being shippped
The EPA took over the site months ago to begin cleaning hazardous chemicals
The possibility of encountering hazardous materials should be considered when responding to any incident
Woman ingested sodium azide, building evacuated, 4 officers and 2 EMT’s to hospital
Three people were classified as having serious but non life threatening injuries
Analysts believe these cases are drastically underreported in the United States