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Fire Inspection

FBI raided the homes of two chiefs accused of taking bribes to fast-track inspections
Firefighters, inspectors faced smoldering batteries made from cannibalized parts inside the Queens scooter shop
Authorities said it is too early to determine if the violations had a part in the Lutsen Lodge fire
11 people were displaced in the latest fire in Lawrence that involved illegal apartments in the basement, attic
After two people died in an illegal attic apartment fire, records show the New Britain landlord had been uncooperative
Mayor Eric Adams’s contact with then-Commissioner Daniel Nigro about safety violations is discovered in a wider corruption investigation
Investigators determined it was arson that caused the fire under the section of I-10, burning construction items stored underneath
Firefighter Andrew “Drew” Price loved being a firefighter and was loved by many
The Blossom House Haunted Hotel was shut down by the Kansas City Fire Marshal after a news report revealed dangerous conditions
Inspectors cited failure to provide sprinklers, fire alarm at the site of the former St. John Villa Academy
Mayor Justin Bibb’s “Residents First” program will overhaul 23 codes and allow the city to issue tickets, fines
The discovery of a fake sticker in a fatal Queens fire has led to department to inspect e-bike shops across the city
Sprinklers had been shut off prior to the April fire at Rikers Island that injured 20 inmates and officers
The Manhattan shop had e-bikes charging with extension cords, e-bike and scooter battery packs lined up next to each other and no designated charging area
The Oakland fire where 36 people died revealed a flawed fire inspection process