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Mastering the aerial apparatus

They are big and expensive. But whether you need safe access to a commercial roof, rescue routes to top floors or an elevated master stream, the aerial rig is the way to go. Here are four stories to help you understand these giants and one piece that looks at what your peers are running.

From rural communities where a 75-footer is plenty to urban districts with buildings 500 feet tall, FireRescue1 readers weighed in on which aerials work for them
Without stability an aerial is nothing more than an expensive toolbox; here’s a look at the different stability systems on the market
Here’s a look at the inner workings of pre-piped and portable water delivery options for aerials
Knowing the capabilities and limitations of the different configurations are key to getting the right rig
Decades ago tillers fell out of favor with the fire service, now they are making a comeback — but are they the right aerials?