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Smoke Alarms & Smoke Detectors

Residents at Reserve at LaVista Walk said fire alarms regularly go off at the apartment complex
Greensburg firefighters were joined by students to install smoke detectors, deliver fire safety information
Inspectors cited failure to provide sprinklers, fire alarm at the site of the former St. John Villa Academy
Officials press the use of smoke detectors after one person is dead and others are injured in a Springfield fire
Use data to focus your cooking safety messaging on the issues and areas that need it most
The fire service must walk the walk in our support of residential sprinklers
Prince George’s County firefighters escaped without injury from the burning Upper Marlboro firehouse
Screams could be heard in the 911 call reporting a house fire that killed 3 people
48 of New York’s 98 residential fire deaths this year had no working smoke detectors
Firefighters arrived and saw fire on the sixth-floor that also caused a fire on the third-floor
Jaziyah Parker noticed her mom was “acting weird” so she called 911
We MUST check the status of smoke alarms at vacation properties, sleepovers, hotels … anywhere and everywhere our kids stay
Sprinkler systems, smoke detection and fire alarms may not yet be installed and operational
The FCC is monitoring the 3G phase-out and working to “implement safeguards” for older phones and other devices, a spokesperson said
“America Burning” spotlights firefighters, legends propose new tactics, and smoke detectors change the game