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Video is an essential way to learn fireground tactics. Being able to see the tactic performed in real time offers firefighters another way to absorb the skill. Further, many firefighters learn best through visual and audio instruction, rather than the written word, making video a powerful tool. The FireRescue1 Video Tips resource page offers a variety of videos, many by risk management expert Gordon Graham, detailing safety procedures and offering tactical tips. And don’t miss FireRescue1 original videos, product videos and training videos.

The fireground can be a dangerous place for a number of reasons and firearm discharges are one of them
In buildings with additional fortification, it’s critical for crews to utilize forcible entry skills to establish sufficient entry and exit points
Nobody should care more about your health than you do; take the time to find some testing resources in your area
Online training makes it easier to stay relevant and up to date, and offers convenience and flexibility
It’s important to consider both the physical and mental well-being of personnel when deciding whether to begin a rehab operation
Gordon Graham recommends responders be vigilant and on the lookout for kids left in hot vehicles during warmer months
Are you truly ready for your next “smell of gas” call? Gordon Graham reminds you to appreciate the risk and prepare
You can’t help anyone if you don’t get there safely; always practice defensive driving, especially when you’re responding to an emergency call
Routine vehicle inspections are a small step that can save you time and frustration down the road
Why the first coupling at the 50-foot mark is so essential to hoseline deployments
A crash between New Jersey fire trucks underscores the need for all members to check intersections en route as we travel to the incident scene
The seconds and minutes it takes to properly check your gear are worth the time to ensure you can safely enter a structure
While most firefighters are aware of HIPAA laws, members should also be aware of department policies involving private or confidential information
In this tip, risk management expert Gordon Graham outlines a community risk reduction plan departments can follow to protect at-risk populations
In this video, risk management expert Gordon Graham emphasizes the importance of police and fire cooperation at incident scenes