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Survival kit: Active shooters
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Survival kit: Active shooters

This kit contains a collection of our most compelling articles to help educate, train and prepare you for an active shooter situation. Complete Coverage

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A Shared History Bruce Hensler Bruce Hensler
Political ambition and sketchy fire insurance companies pushed cities to convert volunteer departments to career. Full Column
Tip of the Spear Dennis Rubin Dennis Rubin
The military's methodical approach to identifying and developing leaders can help the fire service raise its leadership game. Full Column
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Brush blaze traps, destroys 2 fire trucks


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How to buy fire suppression nozzles
A nozzle is one component in a water-delivery system, know the system and how each nozzles attributes fit into it. Full Story
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The 2014 Crash Course Critical Care Challenge

Teaching State-of-the-Art medic and extrication technology with our partners at the National...

FireIce: Fire Suppression At Its Best

FireIce, a fire suppressant created by Geltech Solutions Inc, has the potential to change the...

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How fire trucks got their color FireRescue1 Article Comments1
Opinions on what color is best won't surprise you, but why they got that color might. Full Story
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5 things firefighters must know about nozzles
Understanding how and why nozzles work better prepares firefighters to make quick, effective knock downs. Full Story
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