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FDIC 2015 Product Review
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FDIC 2015 Product Review

Here's the newest and most interesting firefighter gear and technology from the annual conference.

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Getting Grants Jerry Brant Jerry Brant
Chief Glenn Gaines' push for federally funded grants made the fire service safer and better; it is a mistake to take them for granted or forget how they came to be. Full Column
Editor's Note Rick Markley, editor-in-chief Rick Markley, editor-in-chief
Social unrest is beyond the boiling point and any community with poverty must prepare for violence directed at the system including firefighters. Full Column
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Brush blaze traps, destroys 2 fire trucks


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How to safely operate firefighting tenders FireRescue1 Article Comments1
These unwieldy beasts make up a large percentage of apparatus crashes; follow these sound safety procedures to tame that beast and keep firefighters safe. Full Story
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CMC Rescue MPD User's Guide

This video briefly reviews the basics of the MPD, including parts, loading instructions and rigging for use in technical rescue applications.

BullEx HotShot Digital Extinguisher Training System

HotShot's self-generating digital flames respond directly to the trainee's actions. Using BullEx's™...

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Baltimore: Fire trucks pelted with cinder blocks during riots FireRescue1 Article Comments2
Firefighters tried to contain 144 vehicle fires and 15 structure fires as protests turned violent Monday night. Full Story
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FDIC 2015 Product Review
Here's the newest and most interesting firefighter gear and technology from the annual conference. Full Story
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