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Auditors said they found that fire department overtime exceeded what was covered in the 2023 budget by almost $253,000 as of Sept. 27
The Muskogee County Board of Commissioners also told each department to submit an inventory of county-purchased equipment and to undergo a state audit
The fire department’s current peer support program consists of one full-time employee and has a budget of less than $80,000
The department launched an audit in March following the back-to-back drunk driving incidents
The 11 plaintiffs claim the town of Rockport’s emergency service director position, investigation of Fire Chief James Doyle and upcoming audit of the fire department were all arranged illegally
State Auditor Brian Colón turned over his findings to the New Mexico State Police and called the situation “a complete breakdown in the system”
Rockport officials plan to have a third party conduct an audit of its services after a majority of firefighters threatened to quit
A majority of Rockport firefighters had threatened to quit due to conflicts over leadership and training
The audit found that more than half of the buildings the department is required to inspect each year have gone uninspected for three straight years
An internal auditor found that overtime expenses doubled over the last five years and in some cases doubled employees’ salaries
The Ohio state auditor said the former chief and firefighter-EMTs, one of whom is the former chief’s husband, padded their time sheets with calls that never occurred
Days after firefighters and town leaders clashed over the station’s closing at a public meeting, a new report detailed the misuse of relief funds
Training on these scenarios can help firefighters avoid making a bad decision in the heat of the moment
City Controller Tony Bassil said the city of Easton needs to start keeping better track of firefighter work hours to avoid errors in reporting
The Delmont Volunteer Firemen’s Relief Association will be audited as four former members are charged with stealing tens of thousands of dollars
Auditor General Eugene DePasquale recovered $80,814 for the Coal Township Volunteer Firemen’s Relief Association that was sitting unclaimed with the treasury
Deborah Greenspan allegedly awarded millions of dollars in federal contracts to her own law firms from a fund meant to help those with 9/11 related illnesses
Hubert Volunteer Fire Department was put in the spotlight when Onslow County withheld quarterly funds from them pending the submission of a correct audit
An audit revealed numerous pay errors within the fire department
The department and city were embroiled in a $230K misappropriation scandal; the city will make all nonemergency decisions for the department
There is a lack of statewide emergency planning and hazardous-material response capability should an oil spill occur
Chief Jesse Hoshall used a station credit card for his personal use between 2010 and 2012; officials are calling for a better oversight of the department
The Department of Natural Resources mistakenly overpaid the firefighter $9,000, which was reimbursed once the agency realized its mistake
Almost $68,000 was classified as questionable expenses by the state auditor; hundreds went to alcohol, playing cards and food
The charges make Chief Patrick Kelly the third consecutive chief to leave the embattled department under a cloud of controversy
The audit criticized medics for failing to complete medical records after delivering emergency care and directs officials to launch a retraining effort
The report found the fire department’s relief association ignored recommendations to properly document expenditures
Supervisors voted to put in place standardized, digital testing procedures after fire and EMS personnel shared confidential exam questions