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Close call

Union President John Sibiga said the report shows the Baltimore County Fire Department “lacks sufficient fiscal, physical, and human resources to accomplish its core mission”
A second firefighter fell into the basement during a mayday at a house fire in Homestead
Portland firefighters entered through a window to search for occupants in a second-floor apartment because of fire conditions on the first-floor
A Fairfax County firefighter escaped serious injury after being caught in a fiery explosion
Fire dynamic simulations and firefighter interviews create lessons and recommendations from a Cobb County fire in which four firefighters were burned
Officials said a drone came within feet of a helicopter fighting the 150-acre Barth
Harrisonburg Fire Department shares how close they came to a LODD to help prevent something like it happening again
Providence Fire Chief Derek Silva said it was “mere seconds” from when firefighters had stepped off the bucket to when part of the burning roof fell
FDNY Battalion Chief Daniel Sheridan shares the unforgettable close calls that have given him pause
The Columbus building partially collapsed earlier, and the firefighter was making sure it was unoccupied when the structure gave way again
Flower Mound police fired at the man and used a stun gun on him outside of the firehouse
The driver of the truck was immediately treated by firefighters at the station
In one incident, a fire captain’s helmet was knocked out of his arm by a vehicle that nearly hit him
The firefighter was able to continue fighting the blaze after the mayday call
Officials said the firefighters became disoriented and were assisted from the house by other firefighters