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How one hydrant provided hope after the Great Earthquake of 1906, and what was done to ensure the city would never again have to rely on a miracle
Rochester Firefighter Oscar Herrera said he learned the unconventional technique on YouTube
The nearly 15,000-square-foot Fireboat Station 35 will house three fireboats and rescue watercraft
$5 from each bobblehead created by Kloanz Inc. will go to the charity Direct Relief to purchase PPE for essential workers
The owner of Second Alarm Brewhouse in Pasadena, Md., Duane McKee, has been a volunteer firefighter himself for more than 20 years
The late Clayton Fire Marshal Roy Weckherlin’s badge was lost in a restaurant in Florida years ago, and the Florida man who found it spent four years working to return it to its rightful place
A Baby Yoda doll gifted to firefighters by a 5-year-old boy has traveled from fire crew to fire crew in adventures documented on Facebook
Three planes built between 1927 and 1957 will fly five first responders and healthcare professionals in a parade over Washington State landmarks and medical facilities
Sales of the thin line Fisher Space Pens, which were created for astronauts to use on missions, will benefit first responder charities
The actor thanked Ridgefield FD volunteer firefighters for their service during the pandemic with pairs of his newly released sneakers
Raleigh Firefighter Nick Christopoulos did chest-to-ground burpees for 12 hours in a row in his endeavor to break the record
Tullahoma Firefighter Brandon Berridge officially received the title this month, measuring in 6 feet and 11.17 inches
Where to find the top fire museums and exhibits in the United States
Finding the top fire museums and exhibits in the United States
Planning a trip? Here are the best fire museums and exhibits in the northeastern United States.