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Ethics are the moral principles that govern a firefighter’s behavior in service to their profession, department and community.

The Firefighter Code of Ethics, developed by the National Society of Executive Fire Officers, establishes the criteria that encourage firefighters to follow “a culture of ethical integrity and high standards of professionalism.”

The firefighter and fire chief ethics topic contains news, tips and expert-written articles on the importance of understanding ethics, acting ethically as a firefighter, ethical decision-making, the consequences of unethical decisions and actions, and how to lead in an ethical manner.

Police arrested the lieutenant and charged him with strangulation during a call in Brooklyn
FBI raided the homes of two chiefs accused of taking bribes to fast-track inspections
The former Reese Volunteer Fire Company firefighter faces several charges for setting fire to brush, grass and woodland
Benjamin Cunha pleaded not guilty to charges related to improvised explosive devices in El Dorado County and Sacramento County
FBI agents confirmed the indentity of West Valley Fire Rescue Fire Chief Frank Dahlquist by talking with his former colleagues
City Manager Erik Walsh said Chief Charles Hood admitted to making comments demeaning to women
Fire Chief John Butler said the verdict sets a dangerous precedent for firefighters and paramedics
An investigation into a complaint in the Casper Fire-EMS Department led to a greater review of sexual harassment, workplace hostility policies
An internal investigation found that Kansas City Firefighter Brenda Paikowski was “more likely than not” subjected to three years of harassment in violation of city policies
Ambulance 3 was the closest EMS unit to a woman experiencing chest pain
Orange County Fire Authority Firefighter Jeffrey Richard Grasinger faces four years in prison if convicted
The firefighter was an accountant for the Ocean Springs Firefighters Association with direct access to the funds
Police stated that Arnold S. Britt can be seen on a body-worn camera video putting the wallet into his jacket
Bennet Fire and Rescue Fire Chief Tim Norris faced allegations of “leadership issues,” inappropriate behavior, and “unwillingness to change” in a six-page letter from members
Alameda County Firefighter Charles Johnathen Harris’ brother said he was never seen after the two of them were involved in a boating accident